Restaurants Serving Sandwiches: Menus & Price Lists

Tropical Hut Menu

Tropical Hut Menu & Prices 2023 Tropical Hut Menu Philippines: Breakfast Special Menu Rice Meals Chicken Unli Rice Rice Value Meals Sandwiches Burgers Pasta All-Time Favorites *Menu & Prices may vary depending on the branch Tropical Hut Philippine Cuisine has been serving the people of the Philippines since it was founded in 1965 and specialized

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Kenny Rogers Menu

Kenny Rogers Menu & Prices 2023 Philippines Kenny Rogers Menu: Solo Plates Healthy Plates Grilled Plates Group Meals Ala Carte Pasta Sandwiches Snacks Side Dishes Muffin Soup Salads Add Ons Drinks *Menu & Prices may vary depending on the branch When popular western and country singer Kenny Rogers along with former Kentucky governor John Y.

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Conti’s Bakeshop and Restaurant Menu

Conti’s Bakeshop Menu & Prices 2023 Philippines Conti’s Bakeshop Menu: Fabulous Cakes All Day Breakfast Appetizers Salads Fish and Seafood Pork Chicken Beef Pasta Sandwiches Snacks Drinks *Menu & Prices may vary depending on the branch With a passion for creating and serving delicious food, Conti’s bring nostalgic memories of the convenience and soothing warmth

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Goldilocks Menu

Goldilocks Menu & Prices 2023 Philippines Goldilocks Menu: Cakes Snacks and Pasalubong Goldilocks with BT21 Greeting Cakes All-Day Merienda All-Day Meals Group Meals Pinoy Deli Beverages Dessert BT21 Fondant Cakes *Menu & Prices may vary depending on the branch Goldilocks’ origins can be traced back to the collaboration and compatible talents of the women whose

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Burger King Menu

Burger King Menu Prices 2023 Philippines Burger King Menu: Famous Burger Burger Meals Crispy & Tender Chicken Squad Bundles Sides Drinks and Desserts *Menu & Prices may vary depending on the branch Burger King restaurants around the world are visited by more than 11 million people every day. The fast-food chain is known for its

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Starbucks Menu

Starbucks Menu & Prices 2023 Philippines Starbucks Menu: Espresso Coffee Craft Teavana Teas Tea Add-Ons Chocolate Frappuccino Drink Add-Ons Sandwiches And Salads Breakfast Bakery Ready To Eat Desserts *Menu & Prices may vary depending on the branch Starbucks set forward to be a different type of company. One that brings feelings of connection while celebrating

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Army Navy Menu

Army Navy Menu & Prices 2023 Philippines Army Navy Menu: Birria Plant-Based Burgers Sandwiches Burritos Tacos Quesadillas Querida Mia Chicken Pasta All-Day Breakfast Sides Dessert Drinks *Menu & Prices may vary depending on the branch Army Navy Burger + Burrito, founded in 2009, is a fast-casual restaurant chain offering fresh-made Mexican-American cuisine, with a special

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