Conti’s Bakeshop Menu & Prices 2023

Conti's Fabulous Cakes Menu

Almond Choco Sans Rival Cake

₱ 795.00

Banana Dream Cake

₱ 895.00

Black Velvet Mini Cake

₱ 625.00

Black Velvet Regular Cake

₱ 1195.00

Blueberry Cheesecake

₱ 675.00

Choco Overload Mini Cake

₱ 635.00

Choco Overload Regular Cake

₱ 995.00

Chocolate Obsession Mini Cake

₱ 815.00

Chocolate Obsession Regular Cake

₱ 1315.00

Cookieccino Cake

₱ 1195.00

Limoncello Torte

₱ 1145.00

Mango Bravo Slice

₱ 245.00

Mango Bravo Mini

₱ 895.00

Mango Bravo Regular

₱ 1490.00

Mango Cheesecake

₱ 645.00

Mango Tart Mini

₱ 725.00

Mango Tart Regular

₱ 1050.00

Mocha Tiramisu

₱ 855.00

Moist Chocolate Mini

₱ 385.00

Moist Chocolate Regular

₱ 695.00

Salted Caramel

₱ 895.00

Sans Rival

₱ 795.00

Strawberry Shortcake

₱ 975.00

Turtle Pie

₱ 795.00

Ube Custard

₱ 935.00

Conti’s All Day Breakfast Menu

American Breakfast

₱ 225.00

Bacon Bagnet

₱ 295.00

Bangus Belly Adobo

₱ 220.00

Batangas Pork Adobo

₱ 230.00

Chicken Tocino

₱ 210.00

Classic Skinless Longganisa

₱ 220.00

Daing na Bangus

₱ 220.00

Homemade Beef Tapa Strips

₱ 240.00

Kimchi Rice with Beef Tapa

₱ 260.00

Mom’s Garlic Longganisa

₱ 240.00

Pork Tocino

₱ 210.00

Salmon Belly in Olive Oil

₱ 260.00

Smoked Boneless Bangus

₱ 240.00

Conti's Appetizers Menu

Buffalo Wings

₱ 220.00


₱ 195.00

Chicken Lollies


Crispy Squidlets


Gambas y Champiñon al Ajillo


Vegetable Poppers


Conti's Salads Menu

Apple Potato Salad

₱ 165.00

Caesar Salad Solo

₱ 145.00

Caesar Salad To Share

₱ 280.00

Chicken Garden Salad Solo

₱ 155.00

Chicken Garden Salad To Share

₱ 290.00

Chicken Potato Salad

₱ 165.00

Crab Salad

₱ 155.00

Mango Royale Salad Solo

₱ 155.00

Mango Royale Salad To Share

₱ 290.00

Pineapple Macaroni Salad

₱ 150.00

Russian Potato Salad

₱ 160.00

Symphony Salad Solo

₱ 155.00

Symphony Salad To Share

₱ 290.00

Conti's Fish and Seafood Menu

Baked Prawns

₱ 415.00

Conti’s Baked Salmon

₱ 425.00

Fish & Chips with Honey Mustard Sauce

₱ 325.00

Herb Crusted Fillet of Fish

₱ 285.00

Parmesan Fish Fillet with Parsley Sauce

₱ 285.00

Salmon Salpicao

₱ 365.00

Conti's Pork Menu

American Grilled Ribs

₱ 395.00

Barbequed Spare Ribs

₱ 285.00

Grilled Porkchops

₱ 395.00

Lechon Kawali

₱ 395.00

Conti's Chicken Menu

Chicken ala Kiev

₱ 365.00

Chicken Barbeque

₱ 285.00

Chicken Roulade

₱ 285.00

Conti's Beef Menu


₱ 285.00

Lengua Estofado

₱ 380.00

Roast Beef in Mushroom Sauce

₱ 395.00

USDA Beef Salpicao

₱ 465.00

USDA Roasted Beef Belly

₱ 425.00

Conti's Pasta Menu

Angel Hair Puttanesca

₱ 215.00

Cheesy Baked Macaroni

₱ 205.00

Italian Supreme

₱ 260.00


₱ 255.00

Linguine in Pesto Sauce

₱ 245.00

Linguine in Pesto Sauce with Seafood

₱ 345.00

New Zealand Mussels and Mushroom

₱ 250.00

Pasta Carbonara

₱ 335.00

Pasta con Gambas

₱ 275.00

Spinach Cannelloni

₱ 295.00

Conti's Sandwiches Menu

Chicken Salad Sandwich

₱ 195.00

Hearty Club Sandwich

₱ 320.00

Conti's Snacks Menu

Chicken Arroz Caldo

₱ 140.00

Fresh Lumpiang Ubod (2 pcs)

₱ 115.00

Garlic Sotanghon

₱ 135.00

Molo Soup

₱ 85.00

Pancit Palabok

₱ 135.00

Conti's Drinks Menu

Bottled Water

₱ 45.00

Coke in Can

₱ 75.00

Coke Zero in Can

₱ 75.00

Granola Avoberry

₱ 175.00

Mango Passion Fruit

₱ 175.00

Sprite in Can

₱ 75.00

With a passion for creating and serving delicious food, Conti’s bring nostalgic memories of the convenience and soothing warmth of home. Since it opened its doors in 1997, Conti’s Bakeshop and Restaurant has served people who have grown to enjoy their broad selection of menu, including their signature dishes: the best-selling Mango Bravo, Baked Salmon, and Chicken Pie.

Listed below is the Conti’s Menu and the corresponding prices.

*Prices may vary depending on the branch

From the variety of food items Conti’s has to offer, here are 5 of its best-sellers.

Our Top 5 Favorite Conti's Bakeshop Menu Items:​

1. Mango Bravo

Conti’s is well-known for its cakes, and the Mango Bravo is what people keep coming back to. Taller than the average cake, Mango Bravo’s layers include chocolate mousse, crunchy wafers, and ripe chunks of mango. Get the whole cake for ₱ 1490 or a slice for ₱ 245.

2. Choco Overload

This one’s for the chocolate lovers! The decadent Choco Overload layered with moist chocolate cake, chocolate ganache, and cream is more than enough to satisfy your chocolate craving. Topped with a drizzle of chocolate syrup, Choco Overload certainly lives up to its name.

3. Black Velvet Cake

With layers of moist velvety chocolate cake, filled with cream cheese and coated with cream icing and chocolate sprinkles, the Black Velvet Cake is another one of Conti’s best-sellers. Get a mini for ₱ 625 or a regular for ₱ 1195.

4. Assorted Pies

The restaurant’s flaky, buttery pies come in different flavors, varying from savory to sweet. The options include Salmon Pie, Salmon Pie, Cheese Puff, and Apple Puff. If you can’t choose which one to get, Conti’s also offers several flavors in one box.

5. Linguine in Pesto Sauce with Seafood

Among Conti’s wide variety of pasta menu, the Linguine in Pesto Sauce with Seafood is among the crowd favorites. You’ll certainly enjoy the bright, punchy pesto flavor combined with squid and tender prawn.

Conti’s Delivery

Conti’s also offers delivery accessible through the following:

  • Phone: Call Conti’s delivery hotline #580-8888
  • Website: You can order Conti’s online through their website

You can also order Conti’s through Grab Food.

Conti's Bakeshop Frequently Asked Questions

Is Conti’s Drive-thru available?

The Drive-Thru Park-Thru service offered by Conti’s is only currently available in its Katipunan store.

Conti’s Branches

The fast-food restaurant currently has more than 46 stores in the Philippines.

You can click here to know which stores are available in your area as well as the contact numbers of each branch.

How Conti’s Started

In 1997, three sisters: Angie Martinez, Carole Sumulong, and Cecille Maranon, whose maiden name is Conti, started a small food business in BF Homes, Parañaque City. Carole served as the chef while Angie and Cecille took orders and also served as tasters.

After receiving encouraging comments from friends, Carole— together with her sisters, began accepting phoned-in orders. Conti’s soon became successful thanks to the hard work of the three sisters.

Now the bakeshop and restaurant has branched on to more than 40 locations with more than 800 employees.

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