S&R Pizza Menu & Prices 2022

S&R Pizza Pizza Menu

Cheese Slice


Cheese Whole


Garlic & Shrimp Slice


Garlic & Shrimp Whole


Combo Slice


Combo Whole


Pepperoni Slice


Pepperoni Slice Whole


S&R Pizza Made-to-Order 18inches Pizza Menu

All Meat Pizza


Cheesy Burger Deluxe


Creamcheese Pepperoni




S&R Pizza All American Goodness Menu

Quarter Pound Burger


Quarter Pound Burger w/ Soda


Double Cheesy Quarter Burger


Double Cheesy Quarter Burger w/ Soda


100% All Beef Hotdog


100% All Beef Hotdog w/ Soda


Hotdog w/ Bacon and Cheese


Hotdog w/ Bacon and Cheese w/ Soda


Regular Chicken Sandwich


Spicy chicken Sandwich


Cheesy Sausage & Egg Breakwich


Regular Fries


Savory Fries


Clam Chowder


Chicken Caesar Salad with Bacon


Extra Dressing


Extra Croutons


S&R Pizza Southern Style Fried Chicken Menu

1pc Chicken w/ Rice


1pc Chicken w/ Rice w/ Soda


2pcs Chicken w/ Rice


2pcs Chicken w/ Rice w/ Soda


6pcs Chicken


10pcs Chicken Bucket


Extra Rice


S&R Pizza Dessert Menu

Cheesecake Slice


S&R Pizza Milktea Menu



Brown Sugar


Dark Chocolate


Extra Pearls


Extra Creamcheese


S&R Pizza Beverages Menu





Bottled Soda


Bottled Water


Membership purchasing is more than you think. Aside from offering low prices on some exclusive goods in-house, they also provide food service both inside and outside the establishment and promotional delivery services. S&R Membership Shopping has a popular food service extension: S&R New York Style Pizza, and people clamored for more.

S&R’s pizza is arguably one of, if not the, most affordable New York Style pizzas on the market. They come in various flavors, toppings, and even features that a classic pizza in the corner does not have.

Below is the S&R Pizza price list and menu.

*The prices may vary depending on the branch

From the variety of food items S&R Pizza has to offer, here are five of S&R Pizza menu items.

Our Top 5 Favorite S&R Pizza Menu Items:

S&R Classic Cheese Pizza

Satisfy your cheese fix with S&R’s Classic Cheese Pizza: a combination of chewy mozzarella, sweet and nutty Swiss cheese, sharp cheddar, and creamy feta. As expected with any S&R Pizza, they are very generous with the toppings, so you get a lot of cheese on this pizza. Most people love it just as it is, but if you like your cheese pizza with a little more kick, you can add some hot sauce or onions.

10pcs Chicken Bucket

Another must-try is their chicken meal- chicken that’s soft and juicy on the inside and very crunchy on the outside! Get their 10pcs chicken bucket, pair it with steaming hot white rice and their signature black pepper gravy, and eat to your heart’s content. If you’re hungry for more, you can have pizza and chicken with rice!

Garlic Parmesan Wings

Chicken wings are a must, and S&R Pizza’s version of garlic parmesan wings is excellent for chicken lovers and people who can’t do spicy food. The sharp, nutty Parmesan flavor and the subtle sweetness of good butter will keep you asking for more.

Clam Chowder

S&R New York Style Pizza isn’t only about their large pizza sizes, and it shouldn’t be, not when you have underrated menu items like the Clam Chowder. This super creamy soup bursting with flavors of the ocean has chunks of potato to make it more fulfilling.

Quarter Pound Burger

S&R’s Quarter Pound Burger employs a sesame seed-topped, sweet white burger bun that’s squishier and softer, with lettuce, tomatoes, American cheese, and of course, the highlight of the burger: the quarter-pound beef patty. Don’t forget to spill some mustard to add sour goodness for a mixture of flavors in every bite!

Self-pick-up is available in many S&R Pizza branches nationwide. For more information, visit the store directory linked below.

S&R Pizza Delivery

S&R New York Style Pizza also offers delivery accessible through the following:

Phone: Those in selected Metro Manila areas can call S&R Pizza’s delivery hotline #866-1333.

App: You can order your favorite S&R Pizzas through FoodPanda, Grab Food, and other third-party delivery services. 

*Note that a delivery fee varies per location of the branch.

Frequently Asked Questions About S&R Pizza

Is drive-thru available at S&R Pizza?

No, S&R Pizza doesn’t have drive-thrus as of the moment.

S&R Pizza Branches

S&R Pizza currently has more than 30 stores open in the Philippines. 

To know which branch is open near you, visit mallstoresdirectory.com/sr-new-york-style-pizza, which contains a list of all available and open S&R Pizza branches in the Philippines.

How S&R Pizza Started

S&R Membership Shopping was founded in 2001 as S&R Pricemart in collaboration with PriceSmart of the U.S. “S&R” is an abbreviation for American businessmen Sol and Robert Price. Furthermore, PriceSmart is the country’s first major foreign retailer to enter the Filipino market since the Retail Trade Act of 2000, liberalizing the retail sector.

S&R Membership Shopping is a haven for imported and limited-edition snacks, goods, and other items. Their food service corner has become a favorite for their reasonably priced New York Style pizzas, clam chowder, salads, hotdogs, burgers, and more, and is a welcome addition after a few hours in the grocery. Customers have made the stop specifically for their foodservice, indicating that they are popular enough to function as a stand-alone eatery.

The first S&R New York Style Pizza Branch is located in Puregold Cubao, and the location made sense because it also attracts the post-grocery crowd. The following was in Ayala Fairview Terraces, which was open to the public, but card-carrying S&R members received a 5% discount on their orders.

S&R New York Style Pizza now has over 30 locations, bringing quality food and service to Filipinos.