Jollibee Menu & Prices 2023

Philippines Jollibee Menu:

*Menu & Prices may vary depending on the branch

Jollibee Menu Chicken Joy

Meals include Regular Drink

1-pc Chickenjoy


1-pc Chickenjoy Meal


1-pc Chickenjoy w/ Jolly Spaghetti


1-pc Chickenjoy w/ Jolly Spaghetti Meal


1-pc Chickenjoy w/ Double Rice Meal


1-pc Chickenjoy w/ Palabok


1-pc Chickenjoy w/ Palabok Meal


1-pc Chickenjoy w/ Burger Steak


2-pc Chickenjoy


1-pc Chickenjoy w/ Fries Meal


1-pc Chickenjoy w/ Side
*choice of soup or buttered corn Meal


Chickenjoy Bucket 6pcs


Chickenjoy Bucket 8pcs


Jollibee Menu Jolly Spaghetti

Meals include Regular Drink

Jolly Spaghetti


Jolly Spaghetti Meal


Jolly Spaghetti w/ Regular Fries Meal


Jolly Spaghetti w/ Yumburger Meal


Jolly Spaghetti w/ Cheesy Yumburger Meal


Jolly Spaghetti w/ Burger Steak Meal


Jolly Spaghetti Family Pan


Jollibee Menu Yumburger

Meals include Regular Drink



Cheesy Yumburger


Bacon Cheesy Yumburger


Double Bacon Cheesy Yumburger


Cheesy Deluxe Yumburger


Bacon Cheesy Deluxe Yumburger


Amazing Aloha Yumburger


Double Amazing Aloha Yumburger


Jollibee Menu Burger Steak

Meals include Regular Drink

1-pc Burger Steak


2-pc Burger Steak


1-pc Burger Steak w/ Jolly Spaghetti


1-pc Burger Steak w/ 3pcs Shanghai


1-pc Burger Steak w/ Regular Fries


Burger Steak Family Pan


Jollibee Menu Jolly Hotdog

Meals include Regular Drink

Regular Jolly Hotdog


Cheesy Classic Jolly Hotdog


Cheesy Classic w/ Fries 


Jollibee Menu Super Meals

Chickenjoy, Burger Steak, Half Jolly Spaghetti, Rice and Drink


Chickenjoy, 3 pcs Shanghai, Half Jolly Spaghetti, Rice and Drink


Yumburger, Half Jolly Spaghetti, Regular Fries and Drink


Jollibee Menu Chicken Joy Perfect Pairs

Meals include Regular Drink

1-pc Chicken Joy w/ Fries


1-pc Chicken Joy w/ Jolly Spaghetti


1-pc Chicken Joy w/ Soup


1-pc Chicken Joy w/ Burger Steak


Jollibee Menu Family Super Meals

Family Super Meal A 6-pc: Chickenjoy Bucket

(3 Rice, 3 Sides, 3 Mini Sundaes, and 3 Regular Drinks)


Family Super Meal A 8-pc: Chickenjoy Bucket

(4 Rice, 4 Sides, 4 Mini Sundaes, and 4 Regular Drinks)


Family Super Meal B 6-pc: Chickenjoy Bucket

(3 Jolly Spaghetti, 3 Rice, and 3 Regular Drinks)


Family Super Meal B 8-pc: Chickenjoy Bucket

(4 Jolly Spaghetti, 4 Rice, and 4 Regular Drinks)


Jollibee Menu Take-Out Favorites

Meals include Regular Drink

6-pc Chickenjoy Bucket w/ Jolly Spaghetti Family Pan


Palabok Family Pan


Sweet Pies 6-pc To-Go-Box


Jollibee Menu Desserts & Pies

Cone Twirl


Sundae Twirl


Mini Sundae Twirl


Jolly Crispy Fries


Peach Mango Pie


Buko Pie


Tuna Pie/ Spicy Tuna Pie


Jolly Kiddie Meal w/ Toy

Meals include Regular Drink



Burger Steak


Jolly Spaghetti




6-pc Chickenjoy Bucket


Jollibee Breakfast Menu

Meals include Regular Drink

2-pc Pancake




Breakfast Steak


Beef Tapa


Corned Beef




Bacon, Egg, & Cheese Pancake Sandwich


Egg & Cheese Pancake Sandwich


Jollibee Sides

Creamy Macaroni Soup


Buttered Corn


Extra Rice


Jollibee Soda Floats







Jollibee Menu Beverages

Brown Sugar Milk Tea


Brown Sugar Milk Tea w/ Pearls


Iced Coffee


Iced Coffee w/ Coffee Jelly




Iced Tea


Pineapple Juice


Brewed Coffee


Hot Chocolate


Bottled Water


Loved by Filipinos everywhere, Jollibee’s menu is extensive and makes Jollibee the most popular fast food restaurant in the Philippines. Fondly known as the “McDonalds of the Philippiines,” Jollibee’s restaurants are located in 21 countries arount the world.

There are many delicious food items on the Jollibee menu including Jollibee Breakfasts, their crunchy fried Chicken Joy and fun Kiddies meals which includes a toy. In addition, Jollibee’s menu include Pancit Palabok, a Filipino classic dish (and my moms favorite). Of course, rice is available either as part of a meal or as an extra side.

Can’t decide which Jollibee meal to choose? We’ve compiled the five most popular items on Jollibee’s menu.

Our Top 5 Favorite Jollibee Menu Items:

1. Jollibee Super Meal

If you can’t choose between your jolly favorites, you might want to indulge in the Jollibee Super Meals. It combines three favorites in one meal. One combination includes the famous chickenjoy, burger steak, a half jolly spaghetti, rice, and a regular drink. The Jollibee super meal price varies from ₱109.00 to ₱150.00. Not only can you save more, but you also get to enjoy three different meals in one sitting.

2. Jollibee Chicken Joy

If you’re new to Jollibee and are looking for the best-selling meal on the menu: the Jollibee Chicken Joy. Its tagline “Crispylicious, Juicylicious, and Gravylicious” doesn’t disappoint. This fried chicken is cooked to a golden crisp that gives off an amazing crunch in every bite and has juicy and tender meat on the inside. Can’t get enough of just one piece? Jollibee also serves a 2-pc Chickenjoy meal for the price of ₱170.00.

3. Jollibee Breakfast

For those who get up early to go to school or work and aren’t able to cook for themselves in the morning, the Jollibee breakfast meals are right for you. Some of the meals the restaurant offers are pancakes and rice meals with a side of hotdog, breakfast steak, beef tapa, corned beef, longganisa, and more.

4. Jollibee Burger

Another best-seller from the fast-food restaurant is its Jollibee Yumburger. With a lump of tender meat on the inside topped with a special burger sauce, you can’t get enough of this very tasty Jollibee burger!

5. Jollibee Kiddie Meal

Jollibee also caters to the young and the young at heart. They offer Kiddie Meals, where they serve their classics together with a variation of toys you can choose from. Jollibee Kiddie Meal price ranges ₱80.00 to ₱142.00.

Jollibee Delivery

There are currently 1,400 Jollibee branches nationwide that are available for pick-up.

This fast food restaurant also offers Jollibee delivery accessible through the following:

  • Phone: Call the Jollibee delivery hotline on #8700
  • App: Download and order your Jollibee favorites through the Jollibee App
  • Website: Jollibee online delivery is available through

You can also order Jollibee through third-party delivery apps like Grab, Foodpanda or Lalafood.

Jollibee provides 24/7 delivery in selected branches.

Jollibee Party Packages

The fast-food chain also recently launched the “Jollibee Virtual Party” package and was already available from November 15, 2020.

The virtual party package includes:

  • Food
  • Party decor.
  • A gift for the celebrant.
  • An hour-long online program with fun interactive games delivered right to your door.

Party Package prices depends on both the number of homes and guest attending.

Jollibee Virtual Party Prices


No. of guests


Price per Head













Frequently Asked Questions About Jollibee

Is Jollibee Drive-thru available?

Yes. Jollibee currently has the most number of drive-thru outlets in the country. You can get any of your favorites on-the-go anytime, anywhere. You can check on their website for the list of branches that offer it.

Jollibee Branches

You can find Jollibee almost everywhere, with 1,400 branches nationwide. To see the full list of their branches, you can go to this site:, which has the store directory and available services.

How Jollibee started:

Jollibee first started when founder Tony Tan Caktiong opened a Mangnolia Ice Cream Parlor in Cubao. Before the famous chickenjoy meals, they began with selling ice cream and hot food items. The Ice Cream Parlor soon figured out that the hot food started outselling their ice cream products. 

They then decided to convert it to the first-ever Jollibee branch. The Jollibee Foods Corporation started its operation in January of 1978. As the business boomed, they expanded in Metro Manila, with 7 branches in operation by the end of the year.

Now, Jollibee is known to be the largest fast-food chain in the Philippines, with currently more than 1,400 stores in operation. Jollibee sells high-quality and affordable fast-food products, including Chickenjoy, Yumburger, and Jolly Spaghetti, among others.

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