Shakey's Menu & Prices 2023

Shakey's Chicken Corn Soup

Philippines Shakey's Menu:

*Menu & Prices may vary depending on the branch

Shakey’s Pizza

Classic Cheese


Garlic N Cheese


Hawaiian Delight




Pepperoni Crunch


Shakey’s Special


Manager’s Choice


Hi-Protein Supreme


Pizza Bianca


Truffle Greens Pizza


Scallop Primo Pizza


Friday Special


Belly Buster


Angus Steakhouse Pizza


Angus Burger Pizza


Firehouse Pizza




Shakey’s Group Meals Menu

Meals include Drinks

Family Meal Deal 1


Family Meal Deal 2


Family Meal Deal 3


Monster Meal Deal


Shakey’s Chicken Mojos Menu

Mojos ‘N’ Dip


Basket of Mojos


Mojos Supreme


Solo Pack ( w/ 3pcs Chix)


Buddy Pack (w/ 5pcs Chix)


Family Pack (w/ 7pcs Chix)


Party Pack (w/ 12pcs Chix)


Chicken ‘N’ Mojos Blowout (w/ 20pcs Chix)


Shakey’s Pasta Menu

Carbonara Supreme




Bacon and Cheese Pasta


Prima Lasagna


Shrimp Aglio Olio


Seafood Marinara


Black Seafood Pasta


Shakey’s Combos Menu

2pc Chicken ‘N’ Rice


Bunch of Lunch Original


Super Bunch of Lunch


Salad Chicken ‘N’ Pizza


The Goood Burger


The Baaad Burger


The Goood Goood Burger


The Baaad Baaad Burger


Shakey’s Starters Menu

Garlic Bread Loaf


Salted Skinny Fries


Mozzarella Cheese Sticks


Calamari Crunch


Buffalo Wings


Wings ‘N’ Rings


Captain’s Choice


Shakey’s Soups and Salads Menu

Chicken ‘N’ Corn Soup


Creamy Mushroom Soup


Chunky Seafood Chowder


Caesar Salad


Tuna Caesar Salad


American Salad


Shakey’s Drinks Menu

Coke in Can


Royal in Can


Sprite in Can


Coke 500ml


Regular Coke 1.5L


Bottled House Blend Iced Tea


Shakey’s Extras Menu

Extra Rice


Extra Gravy


From the variety of food items that Shakey’s has to offer, here are five of the most popular items on their menu.

Our Top 5 Favorite Shakey's Menu Items:

Manager’s Choice Pizza

The Manager’s Choice is Shakey’s best-flavored pizza. For only ₱303.00, you can get pizza loaded with ham, beef, Italian Sausage, green bell pepper, and onions that give off a crunch when bitten.

Mojo’s and Chicken

Another Shakey’s best-seller is their mojos and chicken. You can either get them as a combo or separately. The combo, a must-try, satisfies your craving for salty, savory, fried chicken and potato mojos.

Bunch of Lunch

Shakey's Bunch of Lunch
Shakey's Bunch of Lunch

Can’t choose which menu item to get? Shaky’s offer all your favorites on one plate! The Bunch of Lunch includes one piece chicken, mojos, Skilletti with garlic bread, and two slices of Hawaiian Delight pizza. All these for only ₱200.00.


Shakey’s also offers Skilleti: a spaghetti served with two garlic bread in a skillet. With rich tomato sauce, chorizo, salami, and the perfect amount of herbs and spices, Skilleti is a must-try.

Meal Deals

There are four meal deals currently offered by Shakey’s. Each includes large crisp, pizzas, pasta Chicken ‘n’ Mojos, and a garlic bread loaf. The Shakey’s Meal Deals price range from ₱1,035.00 to ₱2,999.00

Shakey’s Delivery

Shakey's Caesar Salad
Shakey's Caesar Salad

The fast-food chain also offers delivery accessible through the following:

  • Phone: Call Shakey’s delivery hotline #77-777 or #7777-7777
  • App: Download Shakey’s SuperApp to order your favorite Shakey’s meals
  • Website: Shakey’s online delivery is available on

You can also order Shakey’s through Grab Food and other third-party food delivery apps.

So far, the 24-hour delivery is only available on the Shakey’s Marcos Highway branch.

Note that there is a delivery fee which varies per location of the branch.

Shakey’s Party Packages

Shakey’s also offers party packages. The party fees for each package depend on the number of people invited. Their party packages are divided into two: the consumable party package and the junior pizza party package.

They offer three types of the consumable party package
● 30 pax – ₱17,000.00
● 50 pax – ₱21,000.00
● 70 pax – ₱28,000.00

All these come with food, drinks, a host, a mascot, games, prizes, and balloons. They also
give the birthday celebrant a birthday gift.

Shakey's House Blend Iced Tea Glass

The Junior Pizza Package which is for ₱17,000.00 includes:
● 6 large thin-crust pizzas
● 36 pcs Chicken ‘N’ Mojos
● 3 Carbonara Supreme platters
● 3 Classic Spaghetti Platters
● 6 loaves of garlic bread
● 20 ice creams
● 9 pitchers of house blended iced tea
● 20 balloons
● 20 invitation cards
● 20 party hats
● 20 pizza-making kits
● 20 aprons

To confirm the latest party packages, inclusions and pricing please check the Shakeys PH website:  the

Frequently Asked Questions About Shakey's

Shakey's 2pc Chicken Rice
Shakey's 2pc Chicken Rice

Is drive-thru available at Shakey's Restaurant?

Shakey’s currently offers PickUp-A-Shakey’s where customers can place their order in advance and choose a pick-up time.

There is also an available option for customers with vehicles. All you have to do is choose curbside pick-up and the staff will bring your order directly to your car.

Shakey’s Branches

Shakey’s currently has 189 stores in operation nationwide. 114 of which are company-owned stores and 75 are franchised. To know which branch is available near you, you can visit which contains a list of all available branches in the Philippines.

How Shakey’s started:

Shakey’s was founded in 1954 by Sherwood “Shakey” Johnson and Ed Plummer in Sacramento, California. The founders remodeled a grocery store for their first branch. On their opening day, they didn’t even serve pizza and only served beer because they are yet to have functioning ovens. The sales they got from selling beer went into completing their pizza ovens.

Shakey’s made a name for itself outside of Sacramento through their iconic thin-crust pizza and the jazz music. They eventually expanded in California. There were 272 Shakey’s stores across America by 1967.

It was introduced by the San Miguel Corporation in 1975 to promote its beer since it usually goes with pizza and chicken. It was in Makati Avenue near the Rizal Theater that the first-ever Shakey’s branch in the Philippines was built. Soon enough, they expanded across Metro Manila. During this time, Shakey’s was a beer joint with live music; but their brand image was inconsistent, which confused their customers. 

The San Miguel Corporation then sold Shakey’s to International Family Food Services, Inc. (IFFSI) and they then competed with giant fast-food chains in the ‘90s. 

The management, led by chief executive officer Vicente L. Gregorio, then decided to change Shakey’s in 2003. From being a beer-centered, fast-food chain, Shakey’s turned into a pizza chain. With this strategy, the brand’s sales started to skyrocket well into the next decade.

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